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The education system and private tuition
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The Education System

Children start school at 5 years of age in the UK. From 5 - 7 olds are in school years 1 - 2 and is often referred to as Key Stage 1.

At age 7 - 11 years the children are in school years 3 - 6. This is Key Stage 2.

At age 11 - 14 they are in years 7 - 9 which is Key Stage 3.

The 14 - 16 year olds are in years 10 - 11. This is Key Stage 4, and at the end of this stage they sit for their GCSE examination before moving into higher seconday education.

The 16 - 18 year olds are in years 12 - 13. This is Key Stage 5, and at the end of this stage they sit for their GCE A Level examination before moving to University.

The National Curriculum Core Subjects

English Language, Mathematics and Science.

The National Curriculum Non-Core Subjects

Design and technology, Information and communication technology, History, Geography, Modern foreign languages, Art and design, Music, Physical education and Citizenship.

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