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Our rates and how to pay
Group tuition
:: We aim to provide small group tuition in the core subjects Mathematics, English and Science by experienced teachers who also have significant experience as examiners.
:: Group classes are run for KS3, 11+, GCSE and GCE A Level, where the tutors focus on accelerated learning helping students to develop multiple skills.
:: Your child will be taught by a subject specialist for each subjects and we aim to keep the same tutor throughout the whole course.
:: The class sizes are of no more then 8.
One-to-one tuitions
    Under GCSE GCSE AS/A2 Special Higher
  Single lesson £35.00 £38.00 £45.00 £60.00 £75.00
  Double lesson £70.00 £76.00 £90.00 £120.00 £150.00
  Monthly¹ £135.00 £147.00 £175.00 £235.00 £295.00
  Monthly² £270.00 £294.00 £350.00 £470.00 £590.00
Shared lesson First student pays normal fee, and subsequent students pay 2/3 of the normal fee each.
:: An administration fee of �5.00 is charged on each client by the agency.
:: Monthly¹ and monthly² fees are based on 4 one-hour and 4 two-hour lessons, respectively, a month and must pay in advance. Regular lesson dates will be mutually agreed and cancellations by the students may not be substituted. Any cancellation by the tutor will be given another date.
:: Tutors collect the administration fee on behlaf of the agency at the end of the first lesson.
:: Tutors are paid by the client at the end of each lesson.
:: Tutors may charge up to �5.00 for travelling expenses.
:: Tutors must inform the agency of any clients obtained by contacts originally made through the agency.
:: Make a note of your client's telephone number in case you have to contact him/her.
:: A 24 hours notice of cancellations is required of both tutor and client.
:: If the required notice is not given you are entitled, at your discretion, to charge a cancellation fee of at leat half of the normal fee.
:: When the agency receives calls from prospective clients we will contact a suitable tutor.
:: Tutors should then call the client immediately or as soon as possible to arrange a convenient time to commence lessons.
:: Tutors should inform the agency immediately of the arrangements made/the outcome of the call.
:: Tutors must keep a record of all lessons taught on the timesheet provided.
:: Timesheets must be completed by tutors and signed by the client at the end of each lesson.
:: At the end of each month timesheets, commission and administration fees should be sent to the agency.
  Tax and national insurance
:: All tutors are regarded as self-employed and responsible for their own contributions.

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