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Tally Ho Tutors has a small number of tutors, who are carefully selected and trained to ensure academic excellence and the highest standards of teaching. We will provide a tutor for your child who will quickly establish your requirements and then work together with your child to achieve the desired results in the minimum time.

We supply only the most qualified and experienced teachers and take great pride in maintaining our high standard of tutoring in our continued tutor training programme.

Our continuing training programme keeps our tutors up to date with all the latest teaching techniques and aims to outline the best practices in tutoring. However, all our tutors are encouraged to teach in their own unique way and to tailor their lessons to the specific requirements of the individual student. This combination of bespoke approach reinforced by a strong central philosophy is what sets Tally Ho Tutors apart from the crowd.

Tally Ho Tutors remains passionate about our close relationship with our students and their parents. We believe strongly in clear communication as the way to provide our clients with everything they need as efficiently and comprehensively as possible. We urge you to be in touch whenever you want to discuss the performance of your tutor in order that we may help them to improve their teaching and the service they provide you.

To apply, please send a CV and covering letter to info@tallyhotutors.com. As soon as we receive it we will process it and get in touch.

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