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Comments from our students and parents
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Comments from our students, parents and tutors

Here are some a few of many comments from our students, parents and tutors. If you would like to send your comments, then email to us at info@tallyhotutors.com.

  Before tutoring I disliked maths and found It very stressful. My tutor was able to address any problems that I had with my maths work and made it enjoyable and less stressful. I was able to progress at a quicker pace than my colleagues at school through the A2 Maths syllabus resulting in me having more time to practice past papers and polish my exam technique. I achieved 98% in end of topic tests at school as a result of tutoring and I feel much more comfortable in my maths class. I would recommend tutoring to other students who struggle with maths as the tutoring experience improves your mathematic skills and allows you to reach your maximum potential. = Jake Blackman (2016) =

I have both immensely enjoyed and benefited from the tutoring I have received. I was not only able to resolve my individual mathematical problems but also was able to progress at a rate which suited me. I attained great results; this was achieved by working closely alongside the syllabus with my tutor and practicing essential exam techniques. My tutor was always available, especially during exam time when I needed help in solving specific problems. Tutoring gave me the opportunity to take my maths A-level a year early, a tremendous contribution to my university application. I believe tutoring can help not only in areas of weakness, but can provide challenges, extension activities and exam practice that a classroom teacher cannot. I would recommend tutoring to any student seeking to improve their education. = Anika Kaura, N12 =

My tutor from Tally Ho was a fun, friendly and patient teacher. With his help I got a high A in my AS Maths. = Sara Tayawali, N11 =

My tutor from Tally Ho Tutors has tutored me for the last 2 years. I was struggling with my physics and sometimes maths and my teachers were unable to help or couldn't explain complicated physics questions in a way that I could understand. However, my tutor was always able to clearly and quickly explain physics concepts to me in a way that made sense. Also, his explanations were easy to remember which helped me a lot during my revision. He was always patient and spent a lot of time drawing diagrams and other notes for me to look at and work from. He is very knowledgeable and is an excellent tutor. I have recommended him on to other friends who have also been very happy with his tutoring. With his help I was able to achieve a high A in physics and Maths at level. I would highly recommend him. = Tasmin Saravan-Butler, N12 =

My tutor gave me outstanding help throughout my mathematics A-level. Maths A-level is challenging, but with the help of my tutor it was made a lot simpler, and any problems I had were always answered competently in a manner that not only helped with the problem at hand but also helped develop my thought process to deal with any future problems I may have with questions on the issue. He provided me with excellent help throughout the year, and towards the end also provided me with many exam tips and past papers, specifically for my board which increased my confidence and ability, allowing me to fare much better than I would have without his aide in the final exam. My tutor's strengths lied across the entire Maths curriculum with no areas of weakness, and I can honestly say that I would not have been able to achieve the A* that I did without his help. = Faisal Moughal - A* in A2 Mathematics, 2011 =

Studying 3 a-levels in one year from home, My tutor helped me to achieved a very high C, (two marks away from a B!) in Physics AS from scratch in just 6 weeks! He was knowledgable, clear and made sure I fully understood every topic learnt before moving onto the next. He had a wide range of exam materials which helped a lot and he also had some of his own exam style questions which were both challenging and helpful. He went on to tutor me with A2 physics helping me to maintain a high C (this time one mark from a B!) He was very helpful when I found myself lost in some tricky A2 maths concepts which he explained well and thoroughly. His knowledge and teaching methods gave me great confidence and his competitive rates were easy on the wallet! He had a good sense of humour and I enjoyed every session. Many thanks! = Matthew Edwards =
  My daughter needed help in her Maths and Physics A Level. After going through a tutoring agency, who provided us with a few names, I feel we were very fortunate to be provided with the fine tutor's details. We visited him to make initial enquiries and it was pretty obvious that he had a very thorough knowledge of his subjects. He has been extremely supportive, encouraging and has also been very accommodating with his time as he provided extra lessons if we needed them. He also had useful revision questions and solutions (which are not available at school) on his website which provided extra help and revision tools. Additionally my daughter was able to contact him any time if she had any problems or questions she needed help on. As a result of his assistance, my daughter achieved fantastic results in Maths and Physics A Level. I cannot recommend him highly enough. = Sri Saravan-Butler, N12 =

I am very grateful for your fantastic tutoring. My son is successful as a result of your exceptional teaching. I hope you tutor my other son when it comes to his GCSE's and 'A' Levels. You are one of the most sincere and honest teachers I have ever met. = Mrs S.Vahabi, N12.=

My daughter gained an A* in her A level Maths in one year studying independently from her school. Tally Ho Tutors backed her up by providing sound instruction where needed and reaffirmed that she was on the right track. We would highly recommend their service. = Mary, N12.=

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